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Trump gets close with Electoral College vote win, Russian ambassador killing raises NATO concerns

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trump campaignAs of this writing, Donald Trump leads in the electoral voting by 176 to 93.  All eight of the Louisiana electors backed Donald Trump.  Trump is not expected to face any real challenges to his presidency.



One of the challenges Trump might face, however, is the shooting of the Russian Ambassador today in Turkey by an

Islamic militant upset about the carnage occurring in Syria.  With a month left to the inauguration, the issue Trump and of course, Obama, could face, might be Russian retaliation against Turkey. 

Turkey is a NATO state and any attack upon Turkey automatically by the organization agreement, compels the NATO members to defend that state under attack. So far, Trump has been accused of mysteriously cozy relations with Russia, even to the extent that he has denied Russian involvement in the hacking of the Clinton campaign and the DNC.

Below is link to twitter storyline on the latter news story:


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