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TWITTER STORM: Trump thanks himself, takes credit for US economy yet Obama more admired

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trump watchMuch is being said about Donald Trump’s new press secretary—his name is twitter. Some love it and join our president-elect in the optimism for the future.

Then, there’s others who have take a different view.  The media goes ballistics and becomes hysterical every time the digital communications future commander in chief goes into operations.  Although Trump and his followers believe he is the man of the future, some believe the leaders of our past would be stone-faced with embarrassment over his emotional twitter tirades.

It’s not even liberals or the main stream media who object to Trump’s twitter deployment.  Even some conservative radio talk show hosts believe his twitter operation is not so smart and setting American policies with a tweet--is not too wise.  One believes 140 carets are actually the best he can do.

Still I believe Trump uses twitter most effectively.  Not only does he irritate his critics, he employs it to take credit, whether credit is due, or not.

But, what is really fascinating during this transition period has been Trump’s use of twitter to take credit for Obama’s accomplishments.

(Watch the video for more)

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