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Happy New Year: Louisiana Republicans slap Governor Edwards to kick of 2017

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edwards vicThe soaking wet Fleur De Lis, heralding in the New Year hasn't yet fully dried, but let the record be known, that politics has no season. Especially, in Louisiana.  

The Louisiana GOP has taken the first shot of 2017t, this one against those eyebrows of Governor John Bel Edwards, about, a matter that they know much about--making mother's milk out of a disaster.

You know, money, is the mother's milk of politics, or something like that?

After Hurricane Katrina, President George Bush was accused of taking his foot off the accelerator, here and there and the GOP was silent. However, once the state got its money flow, the Republican Party and their favorite son at the time, Bobby Jindal, went to work, almost daily, criticizing the then-current administration for being incompetent and slow as molasses. Before Kathleen Blanco, our former governor, knew what hit her, she decided to stay at home for elections 2007.  Jindal walked in easily.

Not that Jindal didn't have his issues with disasters.  His version of Road Home had many back doors and sink holes.  Speaking of, sink holes, there was the whopper of all, from Bayou Corne, in which Jindal failed to visit for almost a year after his initial "hi, I'm Bobby, can I help you"?  But the GOP newsletter blasting Jindal, remained silent.  He finally came on his own to see how things were faring, but only after he got blasted nationally, in the media. Of course, the Louisiana Democratic Party had much to say.

Not that Governor John Bel Edwards should get a free ride.  As Republican Congressman Garrett Graves urgently points out, we need some action, now.  Indeed, Louisiana citizens inflicted by the storm need certainty.  The sooner, the better. Like, now!

Still, when any political party takes action urging help, it is fair to ask, "why you, why now"?

Not that Bobby Jindal is behind this one.  But, there are some possible future gubernatorial candidates that could use some help too.  Maybe one or two that has been feuding with the current inhabitant of the mansion in Baton Rouge, perhaps?

Anyway, here's the press release from the LAGOP.  

Let's hope the current Governor gets the message.  Time is a ticking.  Just ask Kathleen Blanco.

"Four and a half months after catastrophic flooding throughout Louisiana much needed money for communities and families is being held up because Governor John Bel Edwards has yet to submit a plan to spend it.

Despite Edwards’ penchant for spending taxpayers' money--his dalliance with relief money is beginning to channel his democrat predecessor, Kathleen Blanco. Edwards has yet to submit a plan to spend $1 billion of federal flood relief money secured for the state by Louisiana's congressional delegation.

"The federal government will not release any money until the state submits a plan detailing how the funds will be appropriated," LAGOP Executive Director Jason Dorè said. "Governor Edwards has spent the last few months singularly focused on the Senate race, in which his chosen candidate was soundly defeated. But that race is over, and the reality is that Governor Edwards has waited too long to do his job and help to relieve the suffering in our flooded communities.”

Beginning in September, Louisiana’s Republican Congressional Delegation urged Governor Edwards to put together a plan immediately on how he’d spend the appropriated federal dollars.

"I just want to urge that it's going to probably be much easier for our negotiations -- or better for our negotiations holistically -- if we've got a plan submitted very clear on how these dollars are going to be spent,” Congressman Garret Graves said following the September appropriation.

"People are tired of waiting for assistance. Governor Edwards was asked four months ago to come up with a plan and has failed to do so," Dorè said. "Our congressional leaders have acted and secured the beginnings of our road to recovery--Governor Edwards needs to do his job or step out of the way and let someone else do it for him."

Louisiana officials should be very familiar with guidelines for securing federal disaster relief assistance after our experiences recovering from major hurricanes and the BP Oil Spill. Yet, as we ring in a new year, families and communities are left hanging in the wind by the inaction of one man: Governor John Bel Edwards."

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