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Trump enthusiasm, Ford Motors stays, Assange refutes, Russia hack questions

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ford fieldToday as part of their weekly political discussions on Jeff Crouere's radio talk show, WGSO 990 AM, Stephen Sabludowsky and the host discussed a variety of issues including Donald Trump's transition achievements and of course, the controversies.



Crouere is a staunch conservative and former Trump delegate during the GOP convention.
The first area topic focused upon the economy.  Unquestionably, the pro-business attitude is generating plenty of enthusiasm with, as ann example, the stock market has received the Trump bounce.   Today, great news for the country and certainly for Trump.  Ford Motors has abandoned its Mexico move of part of its operation.   Instead, the plant will remain in the US, Detroit, in particular.  Ford cites a variety of reasons for the move including the strong business environment due to the Trump presidency.
The conversation also turned to the Russian hacking debate, Julian Assange, American intelligence and more.
The question--did the Russians hack? Assange stated yesterday on Fox News that it was not the Russians.  Still, Sabludowsky pointed out that Assange was not the only dissemination point of the information and that doubting intelligence sends a bad message to the rest of the world.  





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