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Louisiana Democrats say 500,000 will lose healthcare if Obamacare repealed

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Obamacare repeal, without replacement, might soon be a reality.

The GOP and President-elect Donald Trump appear to be focused on repealing the health care law with the promise of replacing, but, the uncertainty of what and when would be taking over for the now, almost-terminal revolutionary legislation, is obvious.

The Democrats, fresh off of a brutal and embarrassing defeat for them nationally are taking up the slogan, "Make America Sick Again", warning what they think will occur if the law is repealed.

The Louisiana Democrats, today, sent out a fundraising appeal with this message:

Not even a week after being sworn in the GOP Congress is quickly at work to repeal the Affordable Care Act – and now it is clear they have nothing to replace it with – so it’s just going away.

In Louisiana, that means more than 500,000 people will likely lose their coverage and many prevented from getting new coverage.

Gone will be…

Keeping your kids on your policy until they are 26
Pre-Existing Conditions will prevent you from getting coverage
Caps on increases to premiums
Lifetime limits will return allowing insurance companies to kick you off when you get sick

Now is the time for action. Congress must hear from us! Tell them they need to keep what is working and fix what is broken - we simply can not afford to go back! We can't rip away coverage from over a half million of our friends, family and neighbors.


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