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Michael Hecht teases success is $8.5B project in South Louisiana and no big media deal?

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hecht lngThink about it.

A recently announced $8.5 billion (with a B, a very BIG B) Venture Global liquid natural gas project in Plaquemines Parish and there is not much media coverage.

Not really.

A sign of success?

Joking, that’s what Michael Hecht teased, just the other day when we did a Facebook Live interview to discuss the local economic development wins.  Hecht is the President and CEO of the Greater New Orleans Inc.

It wasn’t long ago (before the GNO Inc. went into operation (before Hurricane Katrina) and before Hecht took over the organization’s reigns), that when an announcement of one of those mega projects, in the neighborhood of a billion dollars, became talk of the town.  For a while, in fact.

Now, it is no big deal.


Well, it’s just one of the biggest projects in the country and it will dwarf the sister project in Venture Global Calcasieu by two, or so.

And the Calcasieu Liquid Natural Gas operation is nothing to sneeze at.

So, what exactly is the new Liquid Natural Gas project in Plaquemines and why is Louisiana the best location for these types of incredible game-changers?

And, how many jobs can Louisiana anticipate to attract, to build, to operate and to support?

And, who will benefit?

Michael Hecht talks $8.5B LNG project in Plaquemines Louisiana from BayouBuzz on Vimeo.

Michael Hecht, discussed these issues in part two of our edited version of the Facebook Live event.

You’ll want to watch.

Facebook Live interview sponsored by Fred Herman Law Firm

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