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Trump smacks media, US intelligence in kisser, during press conference

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trump kiss 1Finally, after approximately one year elapsed since his last official press conference, President-elect, Donald Trump faced the media and it was not pretty.  Lost in the conversation almost altogether was his plan to keep ownership of his massive international business while insulating him from potential conflicts of interests.

At the center of the ugliness surrounding the press conference was an inflammatory allegation that the Russians had sensitive information it could use against the President-in-waiting.

Hours later, during a Facebook Live discussion, WGSO radio talk show host Jeff Crouere and Bayoubuzz publisher Stephen Sabludowsky discussed the press conference fallout.  Crouere has been an ardent Trump supporter, a former delegate at the recent Republican convention.  Sabludowsky has said he preferred four other republican candidates over all other possible presidential candidates (both GOP and Democrat) but put Trump and Bernie Sanders at the bottom of the totem heap.

Below are summaries of comments by Crouere in this segment of the Facebook Live discussion:

The press conference was very confrontational especially with the CNN reporter (Jim Acosta) who was trying to get a question in after Trump called the network “Fake News”

It was not the same sort of feeling that you get during an Obama news conference which is more of a collegial a friendly atmosphere, this was more confrontational, and it appears this is the way it is going to be.  

I think he's got contempt for most of the media and I think he's found his own way to communicate with the American people through social media and I think that it sounds like that is where he is going to try to do most of his communicating

He's not going to be the type that’s going to back down and he's going to continue to give as good as it gets and that's what we saw today so it was sort of a circus overlooked with the big announcement about how he's defending himself from his business which I think was handled in a pretty thoughtful detailed way with the attorney I'm going up there and making all of those various announcements about what's going to be happening and any of the profits from any foreign government that it's going to be received as hotels and understanding to be donated to the United States Treasury and then of course all kinds of other safeguards so that was reassuring at least in my view and we also didn't get as much attention as I think we should have on the nominees

we had news outlets running with a story that was unsubstantiated it was false it included scandalous and inaccurate information that even the New York Times which is certainly not a Trump fan would not publish in many other news outlets refused to publish as well discredited.

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