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NDDUnited's Corb talks Trump Budget could make America sicker, poorer, less secure

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axDonald Trump has promised to build a wall which he claims Mexico will pay for it. He has campaigned upon making the United States military more powerful than ever, by investing billions into defense. The President has pledged no cuts in Medicare and a mega-infrastructure stimulus investment, to help maintain, repair and replace the aging structures. The infrastructure improvements are critical and long overdue.

But, how is he going to do all of this and more--while reducing the almost 20 trillion US debt?

This is the question that republicans, democrats and just about anybody interested in politics are currently debating as Trump presides over his first week in the Oval Office.

One of the individuals who is concerned about the prior statements made and some of the tea leaves being cast is Ben Corb who is PR person for an organization that has much to lose under this administration--those concerned about the country's the non-defense discretionary funding.

This is the sector that is part of the discretionary funding that is not defense.  It is becoming an increasingly smaller part of the budget pie.

In today's Facebook and Twitter Live discussion, Corb discussed with's publisher, his role in the NDDUnited--an umbrella organization--which he claims is prepared to mount a fierce opposition to the drastic cuts in non-defense discretionary funding How Budget Cuts Have Made Us Sicker, Poorer, and Less Secure” – discretionary funding isn’t just numbers on pieces of paper.  According to the NDDUnited, this spending provides for critical programs—from veterans benefits to education, law enforcement to science--that Americans coast-to-coast rely on every day for their livelihood, safety, and security. Cuts hurt.  The organization hopes the incoming administration learns the lesson quickly that the numbers are not just figures on a excel spread sheet, but, is spending that helps real people and real problems.

NDD (Non-Defense Discretionary) United is an alliance of thousands of national, state, and local organizations working to protect investments in core government functions that it says benefits all Americans.under the expected Republican Congress and Trump administration.


Below is part I of the Facebook and Twitter Live discussion in which Corb describes the part of the budget that is non-defense discretionary funding compared to other parts of the budget, what the group is for and against and other related issues to his concern that the Trump budget could make America sicker, poorer and less secure.
Part 2 of the discussion, tomorrow,


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