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Warren-McConnell-Sessions-King controversy taking Trump's AG nomination beyond comity, into comedy

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warrenLet it be known that the US Congress is solemnly debating the possible and probable future Attorney General of the United States.

Well, maybe not so solemnly.

In fact, the incident is elevating what has been considered the senior more sober congressional body into somewhat of a political comedy, although few are actually laughing.

The controversy around the past statements about nominee US Senator Jeff Sessions, is centered upon Mitch McConnel's rebuke yesterday, of Senator Elizabeth Warren who read or started to read a three-decades-old letter by Coretta Scott King which excoriated Sessions.  McConnell broke in and admonished Warren during his reading with a hardly-ever-used Senate rule that is designed to preserve Senate comity, something in short supply, in Washington DC these days.

The issue has now centered around the alleged sexism of McConnell, given that male Senators have read the same letter today.  The incident has taken on a life of its own with Hillary Clinton tweeting her thoughts, and the social media scene lighting up.

Will any of this swirl impact the Donald Trump nominatee's chances of prevailing?

Here is the latest from twitter on the issue.

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