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TODAY: Berkeley Prof, author Arlie Russell Hochschild talks Trump voters, Tea Party

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Arlie HochshildTrump voters—who are they?

Are they different from the Tea Party that amorphous grassroots organization of conservatives that took the nation by a storm?



These are two of the questions to be discussed today when I interview via Facebook and Twitter Live, renowned sociologist and author, Arlie Russell Hochchild.

Hochchild is a professor at University of California Berkeley, a hotbed of liberalism.  She also spent five years in the conservative dark red state of Louisiana to understand the feelings of the Tea Party-oriented voters.  So, how does she view these people, many who came out in swarm for Trump?

Here is a quote from a recent Washington Post article:

“You could see brows knit up. One woman said I was her first Democratic friend. I met another woman who said, ‘I love Rush Limbaugh,’ and I said, ‘I would love to talk to you about that.’ It came out that when she was listening to him she liked that he was defending her against criticisms from liberals. That reversed the picture [of him] to me from accuser to defender. There is tremendous power to open up a cultural space for respectfulness. I was out fishing with a man, and there we were, and he says to me, ‘You know, I think our leaders are trying to divide us. If we just get together, we’ll find much more in common than we think there is.’ I found a bridge in our ways of thinking that I never would have discovered without laying down an emotional carpet that we could tread, of trust that we’re not going to be disparaged.

Watch the  interview either on Facebook or Twitter Live or on Bayoubuzz.com at 12:00 noon CST.  

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