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Is Trump's Russian White House in like Flynn?

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red putin white houseInstead of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, maybe, Donald Trump should have invited the Red Army Chorus to his inauguration. The number of campaign aides, Trump officials, and affiliated parties who have had ex parte contacts with Russia before and after Trump took office, eventually, could exceed the number of tractors in the entire Ukraine.

Retired three-star Army General Michael Flynn, National Security Advisor to President Trump, for about twenty minutes, was the latest executive found cavorting with the dancing bear and given a rapid exit cue. Flynn was ordered to pack so fast that he left a half-eaten Tuna fish sandwich on top of his desk.

Flynn would’ve still been at that desk if The Washington Post hadn’t fingered him for gabbing with the Russians even before Trump took office. He did so, presumably, to address the Obama Administration’s sanctions imposed on Russia for disrupting the 2016 election. Flynn can’t remember, exactly, because he and the Russian Ambassador to the U.S.  talked so much. You could say, with absolute certainty, that President Obama is responsible for causing this mess, too.

Some people are starting to ask the ominous question first uttered by Senator Howard Baker regarding President Nixon’s attempted cover-up of the botched Watergate burglary. “What did the President know and when did he know it?” It’s a regular American History Jeopardy question come back to life, amazingly, in the first month of Trump’s term of office.

The last impeachment the nation had was Bill Clinton’s, for lying about sharing cigar with an intern. Any comparison to Trump is not entirely fair to Clinton, however, because there’s a big difference between sharing a cigar with an intern and giving the Russians the keys to the White House liquor cabinet.

Meanwhile, back in the former USSR, a new intermediate range nuclear- capable cruise missile was deployed to defend the Motherland. At least it was kept quieter than Kim Jong Un’s latest weapons’ delivery system test. Kim’s highly publicized action was coupled with a threat to obliterate Los Angeles, presumably, to punish the City for Sony Pictures release of “The Interview,” a fictional comedy about Kim’s assassination.

Sony Pictures is owned by Sony Corporation, which is headquartered in Japan making a hit on Los Angeles even more sensible than previously thought. The best thing L.A. can do to protect itself is to invite Dennis Rodman to take up permanent residence since he and Kim are good friends. It’d be Dennis the Menace to the rescue, again.

It’s an embarrassment to the Administration and its national security apparatus that the Washington Post broke the damning news about General Flynn just as Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was polishing up the Russian friendship medal Vladimir Putin gave him for helping Russia be great again.  

The story of questionable contacts that forced former Trump Campaign chair Paul Manafort, and now Flynn, to walk the plank is far from over. Eventually, there could enough Trump people involved that Russian will become the official language inside the White House. Republican on the Hill, however, won’t need any translation services because they already know how to say “Nyet,” after years of practice.

Once upon a time, back when America was great, Russian leaders were feared and mistrusted by the U.S. Government but, apparently, no more. Forget that Putin’s political genealogy includes murderers like Lenin, Stalin, and Khrushchev who famously told the West, “We will bury you.” If the present state of affairs continues to its logical end, it’s Trump who will be digging the hole –right where Michelle Obama’s victory garden used to grow.

This could, however, all be part of a grand Kremlin scheme concocted to disrupt our political stability by putting an obnoxious TV host in the Oval Office. The plan may backfire, though, because if Trump is impeached then his Veep, Mike Pence, should go, too, for pawning off Flynn’s lies on the public. Pence either knew Flynn lied, or should have known, making him as vulnerable as the President. That would make Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House, President of the United States. That’s a result that would be worth the effort, by both parties, in and of itself.


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