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NBA retiree, Dwight Davis, a giant of a man, giving big assists to others

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dwightNBA retiree Dwight Davis, a giant of a man giving big assists to others.


One thing i have learned about the organization led by Arnie Fielkow (NBRPA), a bunch of really tall guys who lived glorified careers do get older, as we all do.  And while they still tower over most of us, they are never too big to reach down to help those who are younger, smaller and needier than themselves.


Therein lies the beauty of Fielkow’s National Basketball Retired Players Association.


On Friday, I talked with some of the greatest basketball legends in the roundball game as we conducted a Facebook Live interview.


One of those soft-spoken hardwood superstars of the past was Dwight Davis, who is now an active leader in the NBRPA.


Davis was drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers as the third-overall NBA pick in 1972.  After three years, he moved onto the Golden State Warriors.  He played against of the most talented NBA all-stars, basketball players such as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Wilt Chamberlain, Elvin Hayes and Walt Frazier. Davis averaged 8.6 points per game.


Today, he is a giant of a man, working to help the organization, and helping youths in New Hampshire, for instance, being on the state’s Workforce Youth Council.


Being a product of a team-focused game, Davis now aids the organization to help its own members in their post-career lives.  One recent development the NBRPA has been able to secure is lifetime healthcare insurance coverage for any player who has finished three years as a pro.

Which is quite an attractive package for those redwood-high monuments of athleticism who took plenty of hits on the floor and who need to stay healthy, for guys like Davis, to remain pillars of their respective communities, where they now call home.

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