Tuesday, 07 March 2017 16:00

Scalise says Trump in full support of House Republican Health Care plan

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SCALISE WHITEHOUSELouisiana Congressman Steve Scalise and House Majority Whip, has tweeted that President Donald Trump is in full support of the Republican House health care plan.  If so, that could persuade the more conservative members of the House to support the plan.  However, getting the Republican Senators on board could be problematic as some have expressed concerns.

Regarding the plan, Trump said today, "You can choose your doctor...You can choose your plan...It's called good healthcare."



Despite statements to the contrary, Donald Trump the candidate met with Russian officials, says the Huffington Post. However, there is a question whether the conversation was of any consequence as it was done for a short period of time at a VIP event.  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/donald-trump-kislyak-russia_us_58bf087ee4b0e6e6ccb56870?ks0x2e97iy3ng3c8fr

Dimitri Simes, president of the Center for the National Interest, the individual who introduced the Russian Ambassador to Trump told The Huffington Post that he didn’t think there would have been time for an extensive meeting between Trump and the ambassador. 

“From everything I saw, when the receiving line was over, the Secret Service led Mr. Trump to a specially cleared holding area behind the podium where he was supposed to speak,” he said Tuesday. “There would have been no opportunity for him to talk to Kislyak separately. After the speech was over, Mr. Trump returned to the holding area and then left the hotel without any time or format for a private encounter with anyone. Again, the Secret Service managed his movements.”


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