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New Orleans Mayor Landrieu slams Trump, GOP on health care plan

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mitch obamaThe politics related to healthcare is taking shape.  Now that President Donald Trump appears to be backing the House Republican health care plan, various politicians and government officials are staking out positions.  Here is a statement from Democrat New Orleans Mayor, Mitch Landrieu.

Today Mayor Mitch Landrieu issued the following statement on the Trump/GOP Healthcare Proposal:  

“As a presidential candidate, Donald Trump made a simple promise to the nation - that more Americans would have better healthcare for less money. In less than one month after being sworn in, President Trump has reneged on that promise by proposing a plan that will ration healthcare for the working poor and middle class. 

“The Trump/GOP healthcare proposal will result in fewer doctors and a higher out of pocket cost for American citizens. To add insult to injury, President Trump is proposing to give insurance companies a tax break for executives who make over $500,000. 

“Sadly, we have seen this type of substandard healthcare before. The proposed bill will take Louisiana back to the days when an ear infection meant a mother loses her job because she waited hours in an emergency room with her sick child. Adults with aging parents will again have sleepless nights wondering how they will afford a good nursing home that provides quality care.  And tens of thousands of mothers will go back to the days when they struggled to afford pre- and post-natal care for themselves and or their newborn babies. 

“The effects of the Trump/GOP proposal will result in increased financial burdens to states. In Louisiana, this proposal will eventually lead to more budget cuts to education and public safety. 

“While the Affordable Care Act can be strengthened in some areas, it has improved the lives of nearly 575,000 Louisiana citizens. Nearly 70,000 New Orleanians now have access to healthcare under the ACA who didn’t have it before thanks to Medicaid expansion. These individuals, our neighbors and friends, will once again face the harsh prospects of no longer having access to doctors and will be forced to wait in long emergency room lines because under the Trump/GOP proposal, Medicaid expansion will eventually go away. 

“Across the nation, the Affordable Care Act transformed lives of the American people for the better. Young people working hard to solidify their careers no longer had to worry about being kicked off of their parents’ health insurance plans before securing their own healthcare benefits. Americans with pre-existing conditions were no longer turned away by insurance companies when they needed care the most. 

“America cannot be strong if she is not healthy. I will continue to stand with my fellow Mayors and the American people to fight for real, affordable healthcare for all. I hope that President Trump delivers on his promise to provide Americans with better healthcare for less money.”



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