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Trump's claim of Obama taps does ring of McCarthyism

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trump mccarthyDonald Trump tweeted that the putative wiretapping of his Manhattan golden aerie by President Obama is McCarthyism. It certainly is. Senator Joseph McCarthy presided over a 1950’s Congressional Committee looking for traces of Communism in America. The Committee became notorious for its traffic in lies, innuendo, and false accusations. Reputations were ruined and lives upended by McCarthy’s reckless disregard for the truth.

McCarthy so thoroughly disgraced himself, and so defiled Congress in the process, that Army lawyer Joseph Welch confronted him during a televised hearing and asked, “Have you no shame sir? At long last, have you no sense of decency left?” The answer was no. McCarthy never apologized and died a pariah.

The Wisconsin Democratic Senator was so obsessed with the witch-hunt that brought him national prominence that he even dispatched a young lawyer, Roy Cohn, an early Donald Trump mentor, to purge subversive communist materials from U.S. International Information Administration library holdings. Donald Trump learned at the knee of Cohn, an expert at disinformation and intimidation. Cohn, easily, could have coined Kellyanne Conway’s non ad rem comment that “facts are relative.”

Roy Cohn was a bully till the day he died. Donald Trump is a bully who is very much alive. There’s nothing to fear, anymore, from Cohn. The same can’t be said for his protégé who is now the President of the United States.

The second assertion that Trump made was that “nothing was found” during the tapping. This is a self-proving truth because there was no tapping by Obama. The glass is neither half-empty, nor half-full. It is, simply, empty; a void, like Donald Trump’s concept of decency.

Today’s Congressional Committees have found no evidence supporting the existence of the taps Trump tweeted about in the wee hours. They are, however, probing the “tapping” of our political institutions by agents of the Russian state. Inquiries pertaining to the Trump Administration’s contacts with Russia actors may turn out to be very bad news for the President and all the President’s men. These include V.P. Mike Pence.

Pence denied knowing anything, until days ago, about former National Security Advisor Mike Flynn’s activities as an agent for the Turkish Government. This coincides with the Erdogan government's growing alliance with Russia. Pence, when he was head of the Trump Transition Team, was officially notified, in writing, of Flynn’s duplicitous government loyalties. Pence was either negligent, stupid, or a liar, none of which is a commendable. To make things even worse, Flynn was paid by the Russians to visit their Motherland where he met with spies.

Truth, apparently, is as strange to Donald Trump as losing. This is odd for a man as smart as he self-proclaims himself to be. Intelligence is self-actualizing. It is not self-deceiving. When it’s the latter, it’s delusional and a delusional President, like a serial liar, should be removed from office as quickly as possible. It’s incredibly difficult to stop a war once it’s begun and delusional people are drawn to the chaos of war because it reflects the turmoil in their own minds.

If Trump was unaware of the tapping it’s a fair question to ask how did he know “nothing was found” unless someone told him. Trump’s imaginary friend, the one who told him there were more bugs in Trump Tower than inside the old U.S. Embassy in Moscow, has to be the source, unless the President has a coterie of similarly situated friends who whisper strange nothings in his ear that keep him awake, and anxious, at night. The only sane conclusion that can be drawn from this episode is that Trump has proven himself to be a liar, once more.

Imagine Donald Trump in front of Joe McCarthy’s Senate Committee answering questions about Russian connections by persons he vetted, and picked, to help run the government. To use Trump’s own words, “Something’s going on here folks and it isn’t good.” When the next inauguration, the one that replaces Trump rolls around it will draw the largest crowd ever. Period!


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