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Intelligence madness: Nunes discloses, Schiff miffed, Trump told, now what?

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nunesThink about it.  Is the country going mad?  What are our friends and allies going to think?  

The Chairman of the House intelligence committee. in the middle of a criminal investigation involving the President of the United States. announces during a press conference that there has been a conversation captured of the President (Donald Trump) and other members of the transition team.  During the presser, the Chairman then discloses and he is going to the FBI and then the White House to discuss the matter.

Congressman Rep. Devin Nunes announced that he received and reviewed information involving the capturing of a conversation or conversations involving the then-President-elect Trump and other members of his transition team.  Nunes says the information he has seen does not involve the Russian investigation at all. 

However, the highest ranking Democrat of that committee Rep. Adam Schiff claims he and his fellow committee members were not notified of the new information and as a result, is urging an Independent investigation.

Sounds like a great novel, right?

It’s not.

This is exactly what happened today in Washington DC.  

Here are some questions i have that you can discuss below:

1. Who ordered the FISA warrant, was President Obama involved and why was it implemented? 

Did Nunes handle this situation appropriately, given the very sensitive nature of the information and the failure to inform any committee members?

Is President Trump exonerated since he claimed his phone was tapped?

Should there be an independent investigation?

Above is video of a facebook live and twitter live event I conducted this afternoon discussing the explosive controversy. Above also are related videos, links and tweets.  Also below is the statement by Congressman Schiff:

schiff 8

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