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Trump &. Freedom Caucus separation over Obamacare repeal cause conservative voters's conflicts

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trump smokeThe current healthcare legislation that was ultimately pulled by Speaker Paul Ryan and President Donald Trump has ignited a debate that could affect future Republican course of the presidency and the domination by the Republican-led Congress.

Since Trump and Ryan pushed the legislation that was far from perfect, was made public and voted upon only after 17 days, it is no surprise to many that it failed.  The moderate Republicans and the very conservative Freedom Caucus could not be persuaded to back the American Health Care Act.

For many Republicans, this failure to consolidate behind the most important legislation is recent Republican Party history could spell internal conflicts.  The conservative right, in particular, gravitated towards Trump before most other voters, even “out-righting” the likes of Ted Cruz.  The Freedom Caucus is composed of many of the Congressmen who are aligned with these voters.

One of those individuals who might surely be somewhat could be Jeff Crouere, the conservative radio talk show host for WGSO 990 AM in New Orleans.  Crouere was a very early Trump supporter.  I know because of the day that Trump announced his presidency, I was a guest on his morning talk show.  He expressed his agreement with Trump’s initial speech.

Crouere and a vast majority of his callers, it seemed to me, were quite impressed with Trump.  He has remained a loyal supporter, was a delegate for Trump at the Republican National Convention and has continuous defended Trump as a candidate, President-elect and now as our President.

Yet, Crouere has also been a major leader of the Tea Party in Louisiana, co-founding the chapter in the Northshore of Lake Pontchatrain.

The Tea Party members also have been strong advocates of Donald Trump and supporters of the Freedom caucus.  Therein lies the internal conflict.

Which could certainly create some discomfort for any conservative republican after hearing that the President has dissed the Freedom Caucus and is reaching out to moderate democrats.

Will the recent schism between Trump and the most conservative faction of the party continue? 

Crouere and I talked about the various issues on Sunday evening during our Facebook and Twitter Live discussion.

Click and Watch it.  Talk about it below.

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