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Trump's Sean Spicer not truthful about the Russian investigation inquiry & salad dressing

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spicerFor those wanting the election to be over so the country might be able to engage in some political normalcy, get over it. The investigation into Russian involvement into the American elections has simply extended and heated up the continuing debates and arguments.


On Tuesday, Sean Spicer, the President’s press secretary belittled the media and criticized a reporter for bringing up the Russian controversy during that presser.

After I watched the news conference, I responded on FACEBOOK with the following post, challenging Sean Spicer’s words. In short, I question how Spicer can make the claim that is making, in essence, saying that nobody who has seen the intelligence believes there is evidence of possible Trump campaign corroboration with the Russians. Certainly, if anybody believes it is worth discussing, I note it is the FBI who is investigating the matter.

Spicer is simply wrong and is intentionally mischaracterizing the testimony from last Monday's House Intelligence Committee hearing or is simply misinformed.  Last Tuesday, I wrote a column, debunking the argument that intelligence allegedly believes there is no evidence of collaboration.  Team Trump and supporters have been, as Spicer appeared to do yesterday, pointing to interviews with former Obama officials who previously had opined about the issue. However, as James Comey pointed out, those statements made by the former Obama officials did not necessarily refer to the FBI information at all or more importantly, new information.

Below is my original post on Facebook. Also, below are comments I made in response to others’ replies.

Regarding Spicer’s false claims that everybody who has been briefed on the Russian intelligence believes there is “nothing there”
Today, Spicer made these statements referring to the Russian controversy, "The facts are that every single person who has been briefed on this subject has come away with the same conclusion.” and then he further said, "the facts are what they are. And every single person who has been briefed on this situation with respect to the situation with Russia — Republican, Democrat, Obama appointee, career [employees] — have all come to the same conclusion. At some point, April, you’re going to have to take no for an answer with respect to whether or not there was collusion.”

Who the heck is he talking about that has said there is no collusion? Donald J. Trump? And he wants the media to get teh facts straight? Someone, please educate me...

Regarding whether the Trump supporters and some Republicans want to get to the truth of the evidence, wherever that might lead:

Yesterday, i was watching the House Ways and Means committee hearing. They debated compelling Trump to disclose taxes. The Trump supporters defeated it. It was quite emotional. It is becoming very apparent that the Trump supporters are doing whatever they can to thwart this proceeding and to protect Trump. That has been the case from the days of the election to now. Thank God for Lindsey Graham and John McCain and hopefully to members of the Senate intelligence committee. I believe one of these people are going to get hit and will turn and the Trump Supporters and many in the GOP will have egg all over their faces. They will be accused of aiding and abetting and protecting. Funny how they made such a major deal about Benghazi but on a matter of Russian involvement, they are only making russian salad dressing. As far as Clinton investigation, the Republicans control the administration and the Senate and House and if they want to investigate her or anybody else, go at it. Don't care one bit. if they want to investigate illegalities from the Democratic campaign, again, be my guest. But what bothers me is this ridicule from the Trump supporters and others as exemplified by the Prime Minister of Misinformaton, Spicy, yesterday and the responses such as what we saw on this post above. If they want to attack us for being concerned about the administration's relationship to Russia, go blame the FBI. They are the ones investigating, not us.

Regarding whether the Russian investigation is just about re-litigating the past election and whether those wanting full investigation should just “get over” the election

Yes she lost but that is not the issue. What is at the center of this discussion is how did Russia influence the election, how can we stop them from doing so in the future, did the Trump team coordinate in any way with the Russians (and if so, who) and who leaked information that hurt Clinton and that has hurt Trump. This is not a re-election nor a referendum, it is an investigation based upon legitimate inquiries being pursued by the FBI, and others.

The election is over. Actually, in many respects, Democrats would be better off having Trump as President than Pence taking over. Pence could be President for 8 years and lead open the opportunity for another Republican to follow him. Trump's political life, i think is short-lived. So, this is not about the election. It is about protecting our democracy and ensuring that we know what our President is doing and why he is doing it

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