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Online video streaming, social media: are you ready for the revolution in real time?

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share videoIf you don’t get “online” with video, you might find yourself in the unemployment or perhaps, the “business-closed” line.


Ok. Indeed, this is a little hyperbole, but maybe, as we fast-forward into the already accelerating future, perhaps it is more of a reality- strikes-deep-and-hard, than any intended exaggeration.

Which is the point I attempted to make when Scott Scowcroft recently interviewed me this weekend as part of a new “Social Media, Social Revolution” program.

Scowcroft is an online video expert and advocate. He produces online video shows including edits them using what has respectfully been called by those in the industry, “The Scott Treatment”. That treatment showcases the salient points of an online video discussion, so viewers can get down to the real meat of the conversation.

Scott gave my comments during the interview, the treatment, which hopefully you will watch, below.

Opening our discussion, Scowcroft asked me what I consider to be a truly provocative question—whether I am optimistic or pessimistic regarding the future of the Internet?

Once again, whoa!

The issue is one of great intrigue. We all have seen the growth in the use of what I call, "tech toys". As we explore with them at work and at leisure, we confront head-on, the convergence of the online world with the traditional media and the explosive growth of that new communication phenomena, social media.

We use them daily as we adapt to the challenges that persist in our non-cyber, brick and mortar worlds. We employ them as we adopt the Internet as a business and communication tool within the confines of our family, industrial, governmental and educational institutions.

Now, add to this tectonic paradigm shift of the new physical and digital confluences, one of the most powerful inventions in the history of man. That invention? Video.

Then, add to the churn, the most recent advances in video communications, the ability to communicate, perform, share, discuss, and collaborate with video over the web. Not only are we sharing our lives using digital video, but we're even streaming our conversations, games, lifetime experiences onto powerful social media platforms and to live audiences, in real time.

What we are experiencing now is the ultimate of reality TV shows, the truth of Truman gone out-of-control--life in living color at a Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin, Periscope platform near you.

The prospects of success and the risks of failures are beyond human imagination, even for many of us who spend way too much time, imagining, what if?

Here’s more, watch the video above, and, yes, please do continue imagining.


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