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Which line will Trump now cross after Syria's gas attack?

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red linePresident Donald Trump said today that Syria's gassing of innocent children and others has "crossed a lot of lines". Of which line or lines might he be referring? 

The Mason-Dixon Line? A line dance? What's my line? 

Presumably, he's referring to the 'ol don't care jump over that proverbial "red line", often thrown around among countries and leaders. So, if that's the one he's talking about, does that mean he's going to punish President Assad? How? Will he threaten not to build a Trump Hotel in Damascus?  Will he send his son-in-law, the Secretary of State, Jared Kushner, (or is it Defense Minister Kushner, today) to Russia to get heart-throb Putin's approval to take on its client state in the Middle East?  

Seriously, does that mean he's going to send missiles or bombs or some other combustible device?  Will he also take their oil?  They do produce roughly 33,000 bbl/day which could light up a few of his Golf Course clubs, here and there. 

 Or, should he listen to his own advice, the same advice he gave Obama--don't attack Syria, you know, the same advice he gave our former President, whom he called weak for not crossing that--red line? Will somebody explain, please?

So, what lines did Assad cross?  And, will somebody please tell me if staying out of Syria (so he can make America great) will only make America look weak again, at least, on the world stage?

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