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Trump's rude Syrian gas "awakening", wise? constitutional?

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MANESS LIVETRUMP2Donald Trump spoke with his actions last night.  Syria felt the pain. The world woke up to realize that United States now has a president that shoots from his hip as he shoots off his mouth, but, might be more inclined to shoot missiles to reshape the world.

Many of those wildly supporting Donald Trump see Trump’s action as total proof that there has been no collaboration between Trump and Russia and that anybody who might think there is should simply read Donald’s Lips, “No Past Collaboration”.

Perhaps the FBI and Congress (led by Republicans) will conclude the same.  Maybe not.  In my view, one act of taking on Syria does not negate all evidence that has been presented so far.  Let the hearings roll, whether the investigations or the potential Russian connections and any unmasking, leaking by the Obama administration.

Some might find the recent Syrian bombing somewhat peculiar and timely.  After all, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson had just made an announcent that indicated America’s policy was to be hands off of Assad, claiming the Syrian people should decide its own fate.

Within hours of that comment, the toxic gas was unleashed.  Syria has gone many months without a single attack, but, once the Trump administration indicated that President Assad might not be as bad as it now suggests, Assad proved them wrong.

There’s also the curious flip flop by Donald Trump.  As we know, years ago, he went on a rampage against Presdident Obama’s threat of going into Syria.  Now, he has been “enlightened” after seeing less people harmed by the recent gas. 

Let us not forget the Trump poll numbers.  The current President slammed Obama in the past, claiming the former leader’s only rationale for going into Syria was to resuscitate his low poll stats.  Trump, however, has the lowest numbers than any President outside of George W. Bush after eight years of a presidency and after wars and Bush fatigue.  Not good.

There is also the issue of whether the act was constitutional and wise. 

One of the individuals who might question both is Retired, Colonel Bob Maness.  This morning, he posted on Facebook his concerns about both issues.  Maness is a loyal tea party member and very strong Trump supporter.  He will be my guest today at 3:45 PM to discuss the recent developments.

Whatever the reason for the bombing, the bottom line is obvious.  The world is a lot more difficult than Donald Trump claimed it to be as candidate Trump.  It is also much more brutal.

Maybe Trump grew up the other day when Syrian children and other were killed.  Maybe the world will respect him more than ever.  Maybe America First is no more.

We don’t know, won’t know until some of these issues play out.

Hopefully sooner rather than later.

Until later, watch Colonel Rob Maness discuss the issues today at 3:45 CT




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