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Col. Rob Maness criticizes Trump's strike of Syria air field as not wise, unconstitutional

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maness fbOn Friday, the day after Trump ordered the attack on the Syrian air field, I saw a post by Colonel Rob Maness criticizing Trump's decision.  Retired Col Maness has been a very staunch supporter of candidate, president-elect and president Trump.  He is a full colonel in the United States Air Force. 

Later during the day, we engaged in a Facebook- Twitter- YouTube online interview to discuss his posts.

Maness, who since his 2011 retirement from the Air Force, has twice run for US Senate attracting Tea Party voters, said his concerns were predicated upon two reasons.  The first was constitutional consistency.  The second was the wisdom of the decision based upon what could be faulty intelligence on the ground in Syria.

Watch the short video of the first segment of my interview with Colonel Maness.

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