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Pinsonat criticizes Governor Edwards's Louisiana gross receipt tax efforts

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pinsonat2It is obvious that one of the leading observers of Louisiana politics and legislative affairs,  Bernie Pinsonat, was not too impressed with Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards’s recent efforts to raise money for the state. 



In a Monday afternoon Facebook Live discussion with Pinsonat, the pollster for Southern Media and Opinion Research talked about the first half of the session that ends June 8 and one of those efforts that simply went nowhere.

Not that the governor's efforts are not important for his future re-election chances for Pinsonat said that the session has an impact upon his popularity and future elections hopes.  However, the SMOR President said, it was “kind of weird, the way the governor came out with what called a gross receipts tax on businesses".  Pinsonat said it was part of the Governor's “quest for additional revenue rather late, he didn't have the final numbers until a couple of days into the session”.  He said if the Governor was "trying to pass a big change in the tax policy in Louisiana, would require a lot of time and effort, the way he appointed a fiscal reform group of prominent people in Louisiana, I don't know what happened to those recommendations, I guess they were all shelved and he ended up with a gross receipt tax" plan.

Pinsonat said that most states are or have moved away from the gross receipts taxes, and that "there was not a lot of effort put into it, talked about it  but as far as any real dog and pony show, and a lot of effort like it normally takes to pass something that drastic, the bill whimpered and died" within weeks of the session starting. 

Pinsonat said now we will see a dribbling of tax bills, sales taxes, income taxes legislation.

Want to watch more of Pinsonat's comments on this issue, click on the video to view the rest of the first segment of the interview.


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