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Will America say Nyet to Trump's Comey firing chapter?

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comey nyetDonald Trump threw a Hail Mary pass when he fired F.B.I. Director James Comey at a seminal moment in the Russia scandal swirling about his presidency. Like most desperation plays it’s doubtful this one will succeed.

“Brazen, craven” was how Senator Richard Blumenthal, (D), CN, characterized the Tuesday Massacre of One. The previous day, after a well-run Senate Judiciary Subcommittee hearing, Sen. Lindsey Graham reiterated his intent “to get to the bottom of this.” The need grew more compelling just hours after he spoke.

Who will Trump fire next? Congress? The Judiciary? All have bedeviled the President, as did Comey, he for obvious reasons having nothing to do with Hillary Clinton. In a departure from “The Apprentice,” where supplicants were fired face-to-face, Trump waited until Comey was three thousand miles away in Los Angeles, to recruit agents, before he tripped the guillotine.

How close was Comey to nabbing the President and his men? Therein is the inescapable query. While the public might not know, if Trump doesn’t, he doesn’t deserve to be President. Assuming he’s choate, things must have looked dire from the far side of the Resolute Desk. Truth has the indelible effect of shaping a man’s actions for better, or worse.

Clinton supporters thought poorly of Comey for announcing a rekindled investigation into her emails days before the 2016 election. The President may have though, too, that his supporters would rejoice that a danger to his grasp on power was removed. To the President, and his Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, who concurred in the firing, it may have looked like everything would get all sweet and nice again after an initial dust up. It’s early, but that scenario is as remote as Siberia.

James Comey’s motorcade crept along L.A.’s 405 freeway, to LAX, where he took off in a private plane. The scene was documented with aerial cinematography and the effect was like watching the funeral cortege of a national hero. Law enforcement can’t help but feel betrayed by Trump who, fervently, promised to support the police when running but just tossed out its most luminous practitioner. As troubling as Trump’s decision was Jeff Sessions’s involvement in the wrongful termination of Comey after recusing himself from all things pertaining to Russia during the campaign.

Trump had the right to fire Comey but not the moral authority from which all emanates. The Attorney General, previously, recused himself from all things Russian, but he wasn’t far enough away to refrain from participating in the decision to terminate Comey. Not coincidentally, the Director was the man most likely to break the Manhattan-tower-to-Russian-spire riddle, all to the potential detriment of the President.

The signs of Trump’s nervousness about Comey were there. They may have been amplified, however, when members of Sen. Graham’s Judiciary subcommittee began to ask questions about ex-spy Christopher Steele’s dossier. As Senator’s questions become more focused, Steele’s prose, already destined for historicity, will be parsed further, in committees and the press.

Not all Trump Russian contacts are Sub Rosa. The avuncular U.S. Russian Ambassador, Sergey I. Kisylak, has met a fair number of Trump’s inner circle, as well as intimate family members. From 1995-1998 Kisylak took a hiatus from diplomacy to act as Director of Security Affairs and Disarmament of the Russian Foreign Ministry. An engineering physicist, Kisylak would be more than passingly familiar the largest source of Vladimir Putin’s worth, the energy sector.

Deep Throat’s advice to two young Washington Post reporters chasing a troubled Richard Nixon was to follow the money. It’s still a good admonition. Sometimes, for some people, enough is never enough. Watch and see if the next people to say “nyet” to the pandemonium-engulfing Trump is the public, itself, because things aren’t great wherever there’s constant turmoil.


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