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Senators say Rosenstein wrote memo knowing Trump was firing Comey

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If Donald Trump is looking for a “win”, he might need to wait for another day.

Yesterday, the assistant Attorney General ordered an investigation, headed by an old FBI pro, Robert Mueller.

Today, after meeting with the US Senators, the assistant AG said that he knew all along when he met with the President, Trump was going to fire the former FBI Director, James Comey.

Initially, Trump’s administration ran with the narrative that Trump fired Comey only after receiving Trump’s said during a television interview that he knew he was going to fire Comey all along.  Worse for Trump, in terms of possible criminal charges, reports indicate that Trump might have suggested that the FBI Director not pursue a case against former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.  After this latest revelation, which reportedly is supported by memos written by Comey after his meeting with Trump, the issue of obstruction of justice became more discussed around DC and in the media, which criminal charge became that much more possible by the naming of a special counsel. 


If true, the information seriously cuts into the Trump’s administration credibility that he was persuaded by Rosenstein’s report to fire Comey.  Instead, it might indicate that Trump only sought the memo for justification for the discharge.


One of the issues needing to be considered is whether Attorney General  Jeff Sessions knew that Trump was going to fire Comey and whether the AG, who has already recused himself from this Russia scandal, would be implicated in a scheme to create a pretense for the controversial firing of Comey.



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