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Another nail in President "Snowflake" Trump's obstruction coffin?

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prez snow flakeIf the New York Times article today is to be believed, it’s another huge nail in Donald Trump’s presidential coffin.

By now, everybody probably has an opinion whether the President obstructed justice.

I know there are those who say we should not even talk about this right now and perhaps they are right.  But, just like it’s never a good time to fire an FBI Director, it’s never a good time to discuss the world’s most powerful person committing a serious crime that could result in his impeachment or resignation.

So, while the President romps around the Middle East right now, let’s take a quick look at some of the allegations presented so far.  And, for the record, let us assume the allegations stated below are accurate, not fake news:


The President has made it known that he doesn’t like being under this type of scrutiny.  He has called the investigation a witch hunt, (and of course) fake news and an assortment of words that are meant to mobilize his forces against the Congressional Hearings and anything questioning Trump's probity. 

Trump has tried to counter-punch by making bogus allegations such as "Obama has wired-tapped my phone", it's the British spying on me", Susan Rice has conspired against us".  And more.

The President fired Sally Yates who headed the Justice Department for a short period.  Yates had just notified the White House that Michael Flynn was really bad news ( in fairness,Trump fired her after she refused to support and implement his first new and improved Muslim ban) . Trump slew the New York Attorney General while ousting all other US Attorneys).  But, this one in particular was reportedly launching an investigation into related Trump matters.  It should be said that he also had a private audience with Trump only a few months before when Trump specifically kept him at the New York prosecutorial helm.

Trump also was upset that the current US Attorney Jeff Sessions chose to recuse himself from the Russian investigation after testifying in the US Senate.  Sessions, as you recall, just happened to not include his own meetings with the Russians.  He's not alone.  He joins a large group of top Trumpers who just failed to remember those obviously mundane encounters.


Last week, Trump fired Jim Comey, FBI Director. The reason for the firing is so convoluted and has changed so often that the word Trump Whiplash has been coined (and admittedly for other reasons too). The assistant AG Rob Rosenstein told the Senate yesterday that before he prepared for the President, a memo solidly denouncing Comey,  he actually knew Comey was a goner.  Trump, apparently also knew that Comey departure was commeth.  He said so when hand said at the time of the firing, Russia was on his mind.

Since the FBI Director was shown the door, a smattering of reports claim Trump was giving Comey the 'ol New York smooze, even suggesting that the he drop the Flynn investigation.   Those reports claim that Comey felt so uncomfortable and concerned with the president's forwardness, that he wrote memos to serve history.

Plus, as if it were needed, Rosenstein called the counter-intelligence investigation a criminal investigation.


Trump wants the greatest witch hunt that ever lived to die a quick death. His rants and tweets have told us so.  He also doesn't like our country's intelligence saying the word Russia.  He's demeaned and insulted them even conjuring up Hitler as a comparison.  Adding in those false claims about Obama, Susan Rice and the British. those firings, especially Comey's and the bogus dependency upon Rosenstein’s memo, aa pattern emerges. He's looking for cover and is willing to rev up his followers' antipathy for the swamp as reason for this "unfair" scrutiny 

Even after his White House wrote ithe just-appointed special counsel would clear the air, Trump polluted it the next day.  He slammed it with tweets and called it destructive to the country and cried that it's tearing the country apart.  The President's victimhood is so pronounced, last night, t, a CNN personality coined him as “President Snowflake”.

And now, the real shocker. According to the New York Times, only one day after he booted Comey, he reportedly made a comment to the Russian diplomats while sharing Israeli intelligence. That claim, if true, could be so damaging that even Paul Ryan could start hammering that presidential coffin.

Here it is, the statement hot off the Russian White House post-meeting summary:

“I just fired the head of the F.B.I. He was crazy, a real nut job,” Mr. Trump said, according to the document, which was read to The New York Times by an American official. “I faced great pressure because of Russia. That’s taken off.”

Mr. Trump added, “I’m not under investigation.”


Unquestionably, those loyal Trump supporters will effort to tear apart this analysis, item by item. 

That does not mean the facts I have presented are not correct.

If most of them accurate, particularly the Comey and Trump memos, his admitted state of mind that he was going to can the FBI head no matter what, the unnecessary Rosenstein memo, and now his statement to the Russian diplomats—Trump better lawyer up, fast and plenty.

True, it's a lot of ifs. 

Yet, right now, they make more sense than any of his false claims, explanations and defenses. 

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