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Melania’s swat, Giaforte slam and Trump’s shove: Body language of politics today

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trump natoHaving the "right touch" can make a major difference in the "World of Politics".

We've noticed this all so much more this past week. 

A few days ago, we got a glance of how "touchy" things could get at the White House.  While on their magical religious tour, Mrs. Trump appeared to swat away the hand of her husband. Then she was photographed, as she was descending down the steps from the plane, there was little time or desire to hold hands with hubby. As soon as the President touched her hand, up it went to tend to her hair..

A coincidence? A poor observation?  


Then, on Wednesday, a Republican Montana Congressional candidate Greg Giaforte is said not to have been very fond of reporter's question.  Witnesses claim he took matters into his own and assaulted the reporter, Ben Jacobs. The Congressman has grabbed the headlines, in what might be called the “Montana body slam heard around the world”. Despite the reported manhandling, from all indications, Giaforte will prevail tonight as the election polls close.

Not to be outdone, no less than President Donald Trump took matters into his own hands, or so it seems.  We all know that Trump promotes America First every chance he gets. Yet, it appears he’s fond of promoting "Trump first" every chance he gets, too. Here's the animated which appears he is pushing Prime Minister Markovic of Montenegro aside at the NATO summit meeting.




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