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Crouere: Russia-Trump, Jared Kushner controversy overblown

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jeff kushner steveWhat did President Trump know and when did he know it?

That is currently one of the questions being asked about Donald Trump’s son-in-law’s alleged meeting with Russian diplomats.  On Friday, the Washington Post broke a story that Jared Kushner allegedly held a meeting with Russians and had recommended a back channel communication with the Russians, using Russian facilities.

Yet, there was a tremendous amount of news stories occurring last week and during the weekend, with the President traveling to the Middle East and Europe, yet, very little other than the Russian controversy was focused upon by the mainstream media on the various morning talk shows.

WGSO 990 AM Radio Talk show host Jeff Crouere discussed this and other issues in his radio talk show conversation with Stephen Sabludowsky, publisher for Bayoubuzz.com.

Sabludowsky said there were numerous issues being discussed on the morning shows but as far as the emphasis by some of those Sunday TV shows, the Russian controversy is top of mind of the American people. 

Crouere said the issue was being overblown by the media.  He also said that now that there is a special counsel, that many of the areas being focused upon in Congressional hearings are duplicative.

Sabludowsky said that the special counsel’s charge is based upon criminality and that the Congressional hearings are focused more upon general issues related to the Russian intrusion into the American elections.

One caller on the radio talk show said he felt that the media and others were essentially engaging in a coup against the President.

Listen to the radio clip from this morning


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