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Trump claims fake news, Russians laughing, promotes fake news about Kushner

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trump laughFake news!

Donald Trump’s mantra, whenever he doesn’t like a news story.

He blasts the media, says the article is fake news?  Doesn’t give any reason for the falsity, just claims it’s fake.

Cites the fakery because it is an anonymous source, therefore fake.  Cites its fakery because it’s a leak of some sort, therefore fake.

But he never provides details whether the article is fake because it is anonymous or because it is leaked.  Would confidential or classified information leaked be--fake news?  If so, why would he be complaining, so much, so often, that it is fake, if he were concerned about it being true?

In his own tweet today, Trump claims the Russians are laughing at our investigations of him because the Democrats lost the elections.

However, he then tweets an anonymous-sourced article that it was the Russians who recommended the back channel, not his son-in-law, Jared Kushner.

Is Trump promoting information he knows to be true?  If so, is it classified information?  Is it sourced?  Or does he only complain when others write and promote news that is classified and/or anonymous, therefore in his own words, fake?

Trump claims the Russians are laughing. 

Perhaps they are.  But so is the rest of the world.  They’re laughing at Donald Trump.

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