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Trump's treatment by Loony left, Kathy Griffin, mainstream media is not funny

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griffinThe Internet is on fire with responses to the sickening image of comedian Kathy Griffin holding up a bloody head of President Donald Trump. The similarity to the terrorist organization ISIS is unmistakable. While Griffin offered a lame apology for her actions, it is clear that she was well aware of the controversy she created. In the video of the photo shoot, Griffin joked about having to move out of the country.



The photo shoot and the apology were both prepared for maximum publicity. It remains to be seen whether Trump hating CNN will continue to have Griffin co-host their New Year's Eve celebration with Anderson Cooper. The severed head image was so disturbing that even liberals like Cooper and Chelsea Clinton condemned Griffin.

Of course if a conservative comic had been pictured in a similar way with an image of President Barack Obama's head, his career would have ended and he may have been arrested. The country was overly sensitized for any criticism or mockery of Barack Obama. For example, when a rodeo clown wore a mask of President Obama during his act, he was fired.

It is the complete opposite for President Trump. In fact, any type of criticism or mockery is allowed, even encouraged. Since he announced for President, Donald Trump has been subjected to more abuse from his critics than another other American politician in our history.

Late night comedians regularly lampoon the President. Recently Stephen Colbert, host of the Late Show on CBS, said that Mr. Trump's mouth was only good for being "Vladimir Putin c-k holster."

Academy Award winning actor Robert DeNiro threatened to punch the President in the face. Rapper Snoop Dogg performed a mock execution of a clown dressed as President Trump in a music video. At the Women's March in Washington D.C. the day after President Trump's inauguration, fading pop star Madonna threatened to "blow up the White House."

Despite the severity of the threats and the nastiness of the jokes targeting President Trump, it all pales in comparison to Griffin's stunt. To use a tactic of the savage terrorist organization ISIS is a new low for this comic or any comic.

Sadly, the President's 11-year old son Barron saw the image on television and thought it was real. The President's wife, Melania Trump, called the image "very disturbing." She also questioned Griffin's mental health. In a tweet, President Trump said that 'My children, especially my 11 year old son, Barron, are having a hard time with this. Sick!'

Hopefully, this crass attempt for relevance will be the last time America has to read a story about Griffin or any other celebrity threatening the President. The Secret Service needs to investigate every one of these individuals and prosecute them if appropriate.

This President should be afforded the same level of protection and respect that Barack Obama enjoyed. The double standard is no longer acceptable and the American people should make sure that it ends now before any more potentially dangerous hatred is directed toward the President by these pathetic Trump hating celebrities.

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