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California Senate: Trump, Presidential candidates can’t run unless income taxes released

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trump taxesQuestion: What do you do when a candidate running for President says he/she will release their income taxes, but then, reneges?

Answer: You make it mandatory in order to run for President in their state.



That’s what California appears to be doing to deal with the situation that Donald Trump (and others in the future) cannot be on the state’s ballot unless they release this financial information.

According to the Los Angeles Times, California legislation to require tax returns to secure a spot on the state’s presidential primary passed state Senate, on Wednesday.  “Senate Bill 149 was approved on a strict party-line vote, 27-13”. The bill moves through the legislative process. 


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Perhaps nothing.  The legislation must go through the legislative process. There could also be legal challenges by Trump or any other candidate running. In the case of Trump, assuming he runs for re-election and the legislation passes, courts approve it, worst case scenario? He will ignore California and focus elsewhere.  Yet, what if other states, particularly the Blue States follow the same route?

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