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Trump tweets "travel ban", Gorka says ignore, it's only social media; fake administration?

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trump travel tweetWords don’t matter.

At least, to the Trump administration, they seem not to be important.

For months, the Trump administration has been fighting to maintain their executive orders to restrict the flow of people coming into the United States from certain Muslim countries which were previously on the President Obama list of countries considered dangerous for Americans to travel into.

The administration has made efforts to deny the two executive orders as being “Travel Ban” which to date, the controlling courts have considered them to be, therefore unconstitutional.

The courts have looked at Trump's own words during the campaign and have determined them to indicate a travel ban of Muslims entering the country.

That has not stopped the President from using the very “verboten” words in describing what he believes is needed as a result of the recent terror attack in London.

Trump has repeatedly called the Orders “travel ban” over the past two days, cutting the rug from underneath his Press Secretary Sean Spicer and his Justice Department who have denied it as being such.

Yet today, in a CNN interview, one of Trump’s top advisors, Sebastian Gorka responded to CNN’s Chris Cuomo’s questions by claiming that the President has a right to call it whatever he wants and that the public should ignore the tweets as they are not policy.  He indicated that the tweets are not policy but “social media”.  He also stated that the media is just engaging in Fake News by focusing upon the President's own tweets.

However, his spokesman Spicer has previously said that the world should take his tweets seriously.

For a President and an administration bent upon calling all critical stories, “fake news”, perhaps it might want to look at how to characterize it’s own “fake messages”.

Is the President telling the tens of millions who read his tweets they are should be ignored?  Will the President tell us which tweets are real and which are only social "media"?




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