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Griffin, Aslan and liberal CNN have lost their minds?

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contempt cnnHow low can CNN go? It seems like the formerly respected cable news leader is on a mission to plunge to new depths of indecency and bias. 

In recent days, two network stars have thoroughly embarrassed CNN. First, the co-host of the network’s New Year’s Eve program, Kathy Griffin, posed for pictures holding a bloody mask of President Donald Trump, emulating the horrible atrocities of the terrorist organization ISIS. 

After Griffin game a halfhearted apology, the network belatedly fired her. She later conducted a bizarre press conference in which she tried to shift attention to the “bullying” she supposedly received from the Trump family. Amazingly, Griffin’s attorney, Lisa Bloom, was skeptical that 11-year old Barron Trump was traumatized of the image of his father’s head in the hands of the unhinged liberal Griffin. In fact, several months ago, Griffin boasted in a magazine interview that she would be happy to deliver a “beat down” to the Trump youngster. 

It takes an especially deranged individual to find inspiration from the world’s foremost terrorist organization and express a desire to deliver harm to a young child, but that is the type of person CNN has been promoting for almost a decade as co-host of their New Year’s Eve program.   

If only CNN had made just one mistake by employing someone as disturbed as Griffin, but it seems like that type of dangerous mentality might be a requirement to work for the network. As evidence we only need to examine what happened in the aftermath of the terrorist attack in London last weekend. In response, President Trump tweeted that his travel ban should be reinstituted as “an extra level of safety!” This infuriated leftist CNN host Reza Aslan, who then tweeted that the President was “a piece of sh..,” who is a “stain on the presidency” and “an embarrassment to humankind.” 

In the uproar that followed, Aslan apologized, but CNN refused to fire the controversial host of “Believer,” who gained fame for devoting part of his program to eating human brain with a guru from an extreme cannibalistic sect of Hinduism. 

Aslan has a history of making inflammatory comments. In 2012, he tweeted that he wished “someone would rape congressman Todd Akin.” He also has made insulting comments about other conservatives, such as calling Fox News commentator Sean Hannity a “piece of sh..,” the same insult he delivered to the President. It seems that Aslan is so intellectually challenged that he cannot utilize any other words from his obviously limited vocabulary to disparage conservatives that he despises.   

It is amazing that any cable news network, even CNN, would feature someone as sick as Aslan. It is also quite disturbing that despite a history of unacceptable comments, especially his disrespectful remark about the President, Aslan is still a program host on CNN. 

Dan Gainor, Vice President of Business and Culture with the Media Research Center summarized the media environment very well. He said that “the people of CNN and MSNBC have basically lost their minds.” Well said. 


Jeff Crouere

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