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Trump's tweets are White House documents Spicer says

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TRUMPTWEETWell, it's official.  At least, for now.  If there are any questions remaining, the President’s tweets are official White House documents.

Or, at least, that is what the current White House classification of those digital missives are, for now.

During today’s press conference with Sean Spicer, two questions were asked during the earlier segment of the meeting. The first was by Fox News’s John Roberts who asked about tweets that might be hurtful. Spicer said that President Trump’s tweets are the way the president communicates directly with over 100 million Americans, unfiltered and without media bias.

Moments later, a question was asked whether the tweets are an official White House document. Spicer responded that Trump is President, he is the official President and that the tweets are official statements.


Yet, yesterday, two spokespersons minimized the importance of the President’s tweets. One, White House official  Sebastian Gorka insisted in a CNN interview that the tweets are merely social media.  Another spokesperson, counselor Kellyanne Conway argued that too much emphasis has been placed on his tweets rather than on other statements and achievements.

However, her husband, attorney George Conway might disagree with his wife as he tweeted that the president's tweet on the travel ban could come back and haunt him in front of the court.

The issue has heightened recently with a rash of tweets, many of them argued to be perceived embarrassing to the United States and to the Presidency.  Over the weekend, Trump tweeted after the recent London terrorist act, criticizing a statement by the London Mayor.  The tweeting has become a political issue in England and throughout Europe.

While many pro-Trump advocates have openly urged Trump stop his favorite means of communicating, it appears from the Press secretary's statement today, tweets are now official documents, presumably, with the same importance as any other presidential statement.

Label this as #trumpstweetsarepresidentialofficialrecords


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