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Sessions Hearing: It comes down to Trump vs. Comey credibility

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halo honor wingsIn many respects, even as Attorney General Jeff Sessions faces the US Senate Intelligence Committee today, the future of the Donald Trump administration comes down to down to Donald Trump vs. James Comey. the battle of lies, veracity and credibility. The question, the ultimate inquiry, with whom do you believe?


Today, Sessions will be questions about a number of issues: Did he meet with the Russian Ambassador a third time? Why did Trump fire Jim Comey? Perhaps most importantly, did he leave the room when Trump and Comey allegedly discussed Michael Flynn and the investigation.

While the probe into Russian meddling into the 2016 elections has a long way to go in Congress investigations and that of the special counsel, Robert Mueller, the more immediate focus has turned to potential obstruction of justice by President Donald Trump.

Last week, former FBI Director James Comey testified before the Senate intelligence committee admitted to releasing information to a Columbia University professor with the specific aim to get out his own story with the further hope to the hiring hiring of the special Cancel. He was successful. Now, there has been a full court press to discredit Comey’s reputation..

However, the ultimate question is whether in any type of legal preceding, whether before Congress or in front of Bob Mueller’s investigation, who might be more honest, Trump or Comey? Trump supporters insist that Comey should have investigated Loretta Lynch for her Bill Clinton meeting and her efforts to soften the attacks against Hillary. I agree.

They claim he violated the law for not revealing a felony, Trump’s alleged obstruction. I disagree for numerous reasons. However, if, he was legally obligated to report a felony, then, one must accept that Trump engaged in the felony that Comey failed to report.
They also insist that he violated federal rules and laws for leaking classified information. Legal scholars debate this issue.
If Comey did violate a federal rule or law of any kind, he should be prosecuted. However, none of this impacts that ultimate question, his veracity, his truth-telling. Very few people will argue that he has been without fault, but nobody yet has accused him of telling a lie, except for Trump, his attorney and other loyal Trump supporters.
So, should the investigation into Russia meddling come down to veracity as so many he-said, he said cases do, the fact-finder would compare Trump vs. Comey’s truth-telling.
This comparison is laughable. Comey has never had any serious attacks upon his honesty. Trump? Watch the video.
It’s not even close.


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