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Scalise-shooting message, why can't we all get along? Once again

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get alongToday, is a moment of horror and acrimony  For some of us, it could also be a day of reckoning.

My friend and Congressman Steve Scalise was shot as the Republicans were preparing for the annual baseball game against the Democrats.

While engaging in a Facebook Live discussion with conservative columnist Quin Hillyer, and as we discussed the tragic shooting, I read various Facebook posts that I found, quite frankly, repugnant and honestly, scary.

The blame battle and hate spewing had already started while the blood of Steve Scalise was still wet.

One Facebook poster blamed all Democratic congressmen for the shooting.  In another post, he later said that all monuments of Democrats should be taken down.

On the other side of the political line of anger, some extremists engaged in the same type of political party blasting.

The truth is, there is plenty of blame to go around and all of us must accept and absorb it.

Of course, none of us shot Scalise.  None of us celebrated the fiction of a Trump-like character being killed in the Central Park.  None of us posed with a bloody Trump mask. None of us body blasted a news reporter on the day before a congressional election. 

But, many of us have yelled or tweeted indiscriminately  “Fake News” without proof.  Many of us have posted on Facebook or screamed elsewhere “Lock her Up”.

And many of us have sneered at our friends on social media because we feel they don’t understand or know better.

Scalise, the Republican House Whip is healing in the hospital bed today after emergency surgery. While it appears that a Bernie Sanders campaign volunteer did the shooting, today, it was a Democrat attacking a Republican.  A few weeks ago, it was a conservative engaging in hate crimes against a Muslim.

Will this political war of hate end with the tragic shooting of Congressman Scalise?

Of course not.  It did not happen when Rodney King, somehow masterfully spoke a moment of truth after the Los Angeles riots, and it won't today, either.

It actually will never end until all of us realize that we are pulling the trigger and by the time we admit it, it just might be too late.



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