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Sessions acquitted himself on Russian collusion issue, right on preserving Trump's privilege

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sessions hearingOn Tuesday, when he testified in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee, did Attorney General Jeff Sessions acquit himself on the issue of collusion with the Russians?   Was it proper for him to not to answer questions posed to him by Senators if those questions dealt with conversations he had with the President of the United States, Donald Trump?

These were two of the issues conservative columnist Quin Hillyer and I discussed yesterday during a Facebook Live interview.

Hillyer had written a column for the Washington Examiner shortly after Tuesday’s hearing in which he claimed that Sessions “crushed his Senate hearing”.   After volunteering his bias stating that he is a long-time “big Jeff Sessions fan”, Hillyer said, “but I'm not the only one who says that Sessions acquitted himself very very well.  He made it just patently obvious that the idea of him being involved with collusion with the Russians personally, it's crazy and anybody that knows him and knows him as an Eagle Scout would know that he would not cover up for anybody else, doing so he made very clear the sequence of events and I thought he did great and but again because I'm biased.”

However, the columnist also said that “I also watched immediately CNN afterwards.  CNN is not friendly to the Trump administration but John King who is not a conservative but he tries to be fair-minded,  John King immediately said the same thing.  He said Jeff Sessions helped himself a lot today Jeff Sessions came across very well and I agree with John King and this doesn't put the Russian investigation to rest but it should put to rest any idea that Jeff Sessions should be a central focus of this or even a focus of it at all.”

To hear more of the Facebook Live interview with Hillyer in which he gives his views about why he believes Sessions was right in not divulging his conversations with Trump, watch the video above.


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