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OOPS! Trump admits he's being investigated but, shoots his team's narrative?

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trump tweet investigatedSo, it is official.

President Donald Trump has admitted the obvious.  He is being investigated.

This morning, Trump said via his favorite means of communication that he is being investigated by the man who told him to fire the FBI Director.  And of course, he ended his tweet with  Witchhunt!

Which what?  Oops. I’m confused.

The White House narrative has been that Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, the man who allegedly told him to fire the FBI Director James Comey, did so because of the ineptitude and disruptions caused by Comey during the Clinton investigation.  That is what the White House said and the Attorney General Jeff Sessions implied in testimony earlier this week.

Yet Trump seemed to dispute that narrative weeks ago when he told NBC's Lester Holt he had Russia on has mind. Then, the following day, he virtually confirmed to of all people, the Russian diplomats, that he felt less pressure on him now that he got rid of Comey because of the Russian investigation.

So, now, Trump tweets it is a witch hunt that Rosenstein is investigating him for firing Comey. This latest blast almost suggests that Rosenstein told Trump to fire Comey because of Russia, not because of the prior Clinton investigation debacle.

Which what? Oops!

President Trump needs to get both his act and his story together. It is one thing for him to dispute the explanations by his own administration team and surrogates.  It is another for him to dispute his own defense.

I can see why his Vice President Mike Pence has decided to lawyer up.


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