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Trump's Conway v. CNN Camerota breakfast slug-fest worth the heart burn

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kelly cam 1Today's made-for-TV morning joust pitting The White House's Kellyanne Conway and CNN's Alisyn Camerota was a breakfast-classic.  Both of them apparently had eaten their Cherios before taking center stage.

The fiesty Conway and the bulldogish-Camerota slugged it out hitting a variety of issues, starting with Russia, Russia Russia to the now-infamous Donald Trump recording that took a whopping 41 days for the President to tweet that he doesn't have any such thing.

Then, there was the question whether the President is doing anything (or enough) to slam Putin for interfering our elections.  For lagniappe, Alisyn threw in questions about the new Senate healthcare bill while the former Trump campaign volleyed back with CNN and media bias.  

It was indeed one of those early morning skirmishes that heightens the heartburn between gulps of bagels and orange juice.

Above is the video, roghly one half hour, but well worth the time spent.

Below are tweets discussing this pugnacious moment.

Who won?

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