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Birther King, Pimp that killed ACORN slays CNN, "Enemy of America"

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trumptweetmediaThe following is my quick response to a Facebook Post promoting a recently released video pushed by Donald Trump to justify his presidency that the media is the enemy of the people.

 Background: Over the past few days, CNN has terminated or forced to resign three news people who defamed a Trump talking head.  CNN retracted the story, then, took action against the three.  Also, today, the pimp that brought down ACORN released a slick video that revealed a CNN producer discussing his frustrations towards CNN and the mainstream media in general, it seems over the issue of Russia.


This is what happens when the trio do not follow CNN’s protocols.  As I posted two or three days ago, I am glad they took this action.

Maybe Fox will step up its game the next time it allows Trump sucker-upper Hannity bring on  guests like national enquirer guy who wrote an article about Hillary being gay.  Remember, the last moments of the campaign?  

But, let’s talk about this piece by, in my opinion, one of the creepiest bug that ever walked the earth.  Of all of the people to talk about deceitful.  He made his career by making things up.  He basically founded Fake News.  Not the faux-type where people get things wrong, like the CNN trio, but the real stuff, the kind that gets manufactured.  So, for him to preach about truth, that is hysterical and of course, the usual hypocrisy.

I am glad the CNN producer got to spill his guts.  That is what’s great about this country.  You can say things and get to voice your views. This guy did so. It also shows, that CNN employs people who might be conservative which is good.  But here is where the whole thing falls apart.  The guy is producer of the Health section. 

The health section. 

My God.  So, the producer of the health session goes in front of a camera, gives his opinion and it is suddenly de-facto accurate and reflects the network and the news media, in general? 

What did he say that the Veritas goon got so out of shape? That the media is a business? Of course it is.  Talk radio is a business. My site, Bayoubuzz is a business. Fox News is a business.  CNN, yes, a business.  You don’t make up facts but you do try to find out what is newsworthy and balance it with what you think your audience wants to know. 

LSUSportsNet is not going to stream women’s volleyball but they will stream men’s baseball and football and yes basketball.  It is a business.  But OKeefe makes it out as if business is a crime?  Huh?  Trump, all during the campaign said, he did things, that I thought that nobody should ever do and be an elected official, but he justified the graft, the ethical violations by saying he’s a businessman.  So, now, Trump and Veritas and those screaming "Fake News on a hourly basis guys" are in a state of shock and debase a business doing business while they try to create the miracles of miracles- journalistic standards covering the most powerful man in the world who has never met a truth he has liked.

Now, the merits. Is what this producer said incorrect? No. It is his opinion. His opinion is worth no more than yours or mine but I agree he works for CNN, as a producer,. Yes, in the health section.  I guess he has written about the health of Russia? Or Putin’s health? Or, how about Trump’s mental health? Probably not.  But did Veritas goon ask any of the other producers what they think?  Did he try to make the story in the least bit news worthy other than for the consumptions of Trumpers?  No. he did what he normally does which is to scandalize, sneak around the holes and say he is doing this for truth.

Truth?  What truth did he tell?  Did he tell us who was paying for this bit of truth?  Did he tell us why he did not show any of the other people give their opinions? Did he show how Trump is basically shutting down the White House press corps in an act of fascism because they can't stand reporters trying to do the job they always have done, search for the truth?


But wait. Part two tomorrow.

Who knows, maybe he will interview producers actually investigating Russia and the FBI and Comey.  Maybe he’ll interview those who are dealing with the "Liar in Chief" on a daily basis and who have become overly frustrated because the man who occupies the White House cannot be trusted, believed or understood but is quick to dispatch tweets that his henchmen and arch-followers have to explain to the world what the majesty realy meant.

Yet, he labels those trying to make sense of his words as purveyors of Fake News and promotes Fair and Balanced Network as if it was gospel?

My Lord, How low we have fallen.

Birther king


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