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Poll: Trump strong on jobs, weak on tweets, viewed as reckless, thin-skinned, sexist

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joe mikaAs Donald Trump faces the top world leaders this week, including a face-time with Vladimir Putin, and as his healthcare proposals face an uphill climb, his poll numbers for how the nation views him could be better.

According to a morning Consult/Politico poll released Wednesday morning, his tweets, including that against MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski, and his personality are not helping him, at all.

The survey, conducted June 29-30 among 1,989 registered voters, show that Republicans support his efforts while Democrats, not so much.


Here are some findings:

68% of Republicans think Congress should continue repeal and replace efforts, while 22% think they should move on to other issues. 

36% of Republicans think health care should be the top priority, compared to 19% who say tax reform.

27% of Democrats believe that Russia investigation of Trump is top priority while healthcare ranks 21%.


65% of all voters thought these remarks about Mika were unacceptable, and 46% Republicans felt the same.

Only 16% of voters feel Trump's tweets are acceptable.

These are the terms and percentages that voters believe apply to Trump:  
Reckless - 59%
Sexist - 55%
Thin-skinned - 53%
Racist - 45%
Knowledgeable - 44%
Strong leader - 42%
Keeps his promises -37%
Cares about people like me - 36%
Steady - 35%
Honest - 35%
Trustworthy - 34%

However, in the area in which Trump championed election day, Republicans believe Trump has been successful in bringing home manufacturing jobs

64% say he has succeeded in bringing back manufacturing jobs from other countries
71% say he has succeeded in keeping those jobs from leaving the U.S.


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