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Actor Wendell Pierce calls Landrieu "Shameless political panderer", post Axe File interview

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pierceAdd Wendell Pierce to the chorus of people in New Orleans lately who appear to be angry with New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu, for one reason or another.

In a tweet today responding to a CNN article following Landrieu’s interview with the Axe Files’s David Axelrod, the actor Pierce said, “Shameless political panderer that he is, Landrieu pivots away from New Orleans to court the Trump supporters of Louisiana. Political science”

According to the CNN article, Landrieu said the following that might have invoked Pierce’s anger:

"President Trump has only been in office for six months. It's in everybody's best interest for him to succeed and for him to do well," he said. "Starting a presidential race for anybody at this time under any circumstances is ill-advised."

"I think there are people who think driving differences helps them. Those generally are people that believe in 50% plus one, might is right view of the world," Landrieu said. "I think President Trump is one of those people."

"I do think that politicians in this country have a special obligation to step up and to choose because I think reconciliation and finding common ground is a choice. It's not something that you can get forced into now," he continued. "And some guys think they win by separating. I think we win when we're together."

Pierce also tweeted two more times about Landrieu, one, specifically referring to economic development and the 9th Ward, an area devastated by Hurricane Katrina.

Based upon an article by the Lens, perhaps there was also a personal issue involved in Pierce’s anger stemming from a few years ago.

Henry and his business partner, actor Wendell Pierce, believe that Landrieu nixed a development plan in the Lower 9th Ward in 2011 that would have included a grocery store operated by their company, Sterling Farms.

Pierce said the mayor killed the deal in a meeting with the developer’s financial backers. “They walked into the meeting, and it was happening,” Pierce said. “They walked out, and it wasn’t happening.”

He added: “This mayor plays political hardball.”



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