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GOP, Democrats, Trump, Obama & we to be blamed for healthcare reform

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mccain thumbWith all of the bed-wetting, crying and political tantrums taking place before, during and after the rise and fall of Obamacare and its attempted repeals, let’s look back and see who really should be blamed:

Obama and the Democrats—They failed to bring in Republicans at the onset and as a result, as John McCain said this week, healthcare has become a totally partisan issue, doomed to fail.

Boehner, McConnell and Republicans—Their goal was to destroy President Barack Obama and his agenda no matter the circumstance.  They had seven years to come up with a plan and failed to do so.

President Obama—He failed to either tell the truth or he made promises he failed to deliver upon.  The claims that Americans could keep their insurances and their doctors was the death knell.

Nancy Pelosi, Democrats and Republicans—Pelosi said we should pass the healthcare bill and then find out what is in it.  Boehner screamed nobody has read the healthcare bill, Obamacare. This year, Republicans failed to hold hearings, failed to read the healthcare bills, voted on bills that were not scored, voted on bills that did not exist and simply, acted hypocritically in doing exactly what they rightfully blasted the Democrats of doing--before the Affordable Care Act became law.

Donald Trump—He told us that he had a big beautiful healthcare plan but had none.  He could not sell healthcare since he knew little about the issues involved, therefore had no credibility.  He undermined the house bill by calling it “mean”. His administration was so embroiled in backstabbing and ineptitude it could not maintain focus or momentum. It was perceived that he only wanted a “win” regardless as to the benefits of the legislation of which he knew little.  Thus, he lacked all credibility to pass substantial legislation meeting one-sixth of the economy.  Now he claims he wants Obamacare to fail falsely stating that was his position all along.  Major healthcare reform will never pass under President Donald Trump.

McCain, Cassidy, Graham—They were well intended by promoting the skinny bill yesterday, until the Arizona Senator could not get the assurance he needed, but, the truth that it was repealing and replacing Obamacare was not true.  Any legislation that was not a straight outright repeal was simply a reform of Obamacare—either big or small reform, but still, reform.  It was a lie all along when Republicans and Trump claimed their watered-down legislation was repeal and replace.  Why was this an issue? Because for months, the whole movement behind repeal and replace was to do just tha-- anything less than that, was a farce being sold to Americans.

Democrats and Republicans—Need to come together now and try to  fix Obamacare.  At the very minimum, they and we have an obligation to ensure as many people can be insured at the lowest cost as possible. A death-wish to allow it self-destruct is destructive to the country.  Congress has not yet tried to work together to fix.  Maybe it can never work.  But, at this point, moving forward with useful ideas to reform is the logical way to go.  It is time for the middle to tell the extremes they are the problem.  Eight years of divisive political name-calling and blame has resulted in bad politics and bad health results.  If we can’t get it right after we try to correct, we can always dismantle and destroy—but only if there is a legitimate realistic replacement that does less harm.

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