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New Orleans Mayoral candidate Bagneris wants caution on Entergy power plant proposal

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BagnerisCampaignMayoral Candidate Michael Bagneris praised the City Council for not rushing to judgment on Entergy’s proposed new power plant, but called upon the Council to take the time to get all the facts and make the right decision for utility customers.


 “The Council needs to do its homework to make the best decision. It must hire an independent, third party expert not controlled by Entergy. That expert should study options to meet the future demands for energy here. Entergy’s proposal is one option. Let’s study it. But let’s compare that to other options. “Such options might include steps to reduce demand through Energy Efficiency. We should consider establishing a supply of renewable energy. Once the Council has all the facts from an independent third party expert, it can decide what makes the most sense. It must avoid rushing to judgment. The process for judging options must be truly independent.

 “Massachusetts, which like New Orleans has inclement weather patches, is capturing 3 percent annual energy efficiency savings for customers. Shouldn’t we act vigorously to achieve that goal? “Tucson saved over 2.2 percent a year with a program that employs Demand Side Management that reduced demand.

Reducing demand saves money. Entergy says that Tucson’s weather makes it an unfair comparison. That should be part of the assessment. “Atlanta has committed to running entirely on wind and solar by 2035. If Atlanta is pursuing such options, shouldn’t we at least consider the merits of that approach? More than half of U.S. states have a renewable energy standard or goal in place, including Texas. Louisiana does not. In my view, the Council has a duty to look at all the options and to determine on the merits what serves our residents best.”

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