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Poll: Trump train, GOP tips off track in July with healthcare, Sessions, news

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According to the most recent Politico-Morning Consult poll which is below, the last week of July and much of the month has not been very good to President Donald Trump and the Republicans. 

Democrats generically have picked up support opposed to Republicans.

Interestingly, while a plurality of all Americans think it would be inappropriate to fire  Jeff Sessions, the "beleagured" Attorney General, among Republicans only 29% believe it would be inappropriate while 40% believe it would be appropriate.  By comparison, 66 percent of Democrats and 45% of Independents believe it would be appropriate.

Almost a majority of Americans believe that the FBI should open up an investigaton into Hillary Clinton's emails, a 68% believe Trump's transgender-military move was not a good idea,  a majority of voters feel Trump does not listen to his advisors and only 33% believe his administration is running very well to "somewhat well".

Below is the analysis from Politico in its morning newsletter:

 On the heels of another health care setback and a wild week for the White House, new polling from MorningConsult/Politico shows voters souring on the Republican-led government.


The survey, conducted July 27-29 among 1,972 voters, also reveals what Americans think about Trump publicly chastising his Attorney General, the new transgender military policy, White House advisers, and more.

Generic congressional ballot favors swings in favor of Democrats:. 44% of voters say they would vote for a Democrat, 37% say they would vote for a Republican. Last week, 40% said Democrat and 40% said Republican.

  • Trump's net approval is at it's lowest point since mid-May (42% approve, 53% disapprove).


Trump's attacks on Sessions divide Republicans: Only a slim minority of the general voting population sides with Trump when it comes to his position on Sessions. However among Republicans, reactions are split:

  • 40% of Republicans think it would be appropriate for Trump to remove Sessions, and 29% think it would be inappropriate.
  • 42% of Republicans think Sessions did the right thing by recusing himself, 26% disagree.
  • At the same time, 47% of Republicans thinks it's appropriate for Trump to say he would not appoint Sessions if he'd known he would recuse himself. 29% thought that was inappropriate.
  • 34% of Republicans think Trump's combative tweets about Sessions were appropriate. 47% thought they were inappropriate.
  • 58% of Republicans approve of Sessions, and 17% disapprove

Most Americans don't think Trump listens to advisers: 68% of voters say that when making policy decisions, Trump mostly does what he wants. 19% say he mostly listens to advisers.

  • Among those who think he mostly makes unilateral decisions, fully 75% say that is a bad thing (Including 43% of Republicans).

Should the FBI open a new investigation into....

  • Hillary's email server? 48% of voters say yes, 43% say no
  • Government leaks of classified information? 72% say yes, 18% say no

Trump's transgender military move an unpopular one: 68% of  voters think transgender members of the military should be allowed to continue serving, and another 55% say new transgenders individuals should be allowed to join.

  • However ⅔ of Americans think that the military should not have to pay for surgeries or hormone therapy.

Only 10% of voters say the Trump administration is running "very well"

  • Asked how President Trump's administration is running, this is how voters responded:
    • Very well - 10%
    • Somewhat well - 23%
    • Somewhat chaotically - 22%
    • Very chaotically - 38%
    • Don't Know / No Opinion - 7%
  • Among Republicans, 34% say the administration is running chaotically and 62% say it's running well.

Is the White House staff at fault?

  • Just 29% of voters think that Trump's staff is serving him well, while 39% think the opposite.
  • Among Republicans, 44% say his staff is serving him well, while 32% think the opposite.

A plurality of voters said Scaramucci should be fired

  • Among voters who had heard about Scaramucci's incendiary remarks made about fellow White House staffers, 39% said he should be fired or he should resign. 26% said he should be allowed to stay on, and another 36% were unsure.
    • Among Republicans, 22% thought he should be fired and 40% thought he should stay on.
  • 52% of voters who had heard about his remarks thought they were inappropriate, while 18% thought they were appropriate.
    • Among Republicans, 37% said inappropriate, while 27% said appropriate.
  • Overall, 73% of voters said they had seen, read, or heard about his controversial remarks.

The full results are also available at



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