Tuesday, 03 November 2015 15:08

Kennedy's MRI poll has Edwards by double digits over Vitter for Louisiana governor

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mansionAnd yet, another poll that shows Democrat Jon Bel Edwards with a large lead.This one by Market Research Insight, as reported in the Advocate, “found that if African-American voter turnout is at 25 percent in the runoff, Edwards leads Vitter 54 percent to 38 percent — a 16-point lead. If the black vote drops to 20 percent, then Edwards still leads by 11 points, 51 percent to Vitter’s 40 percent.”

In many respects, this poll is similar to one released yesterday by JMC Analytics. and that from last week conducted by a democratic organization on behalf of a anti-Vitter group which had Vitter behind by 12 points.
During the primary, MRI appears to have had the most accurate results. 

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