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While Jindal meets the press, Louisiana surprisingly loses $859M in Medicaid

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jindal-pic-mardi-gras-crimeJust how healthy is Louisiana's healthcare system?

Melinda Deslatte of the Associated Press has reported today that Louisiana's health department is working on how to cut $859 million from the state's Medicaid program for the poor and uninsured, stripping 11 percent of the funding for health services.



The news comes one after Governor Bobby Jindal was featured on the national news circuit denouncing the Obama Health care program.  Jindal appeared on Meet The Press blasting the plan while touting Louisiana's healthcare.  Jindal, who has promoted his own knowledge about healthcare in relationship to the entire healtcare debate  said in response to the following comment by former Chariman of the  Democratic Party, Howard Dean's comment , "Mitt Romney has shown this can work because it did work in Massachusetts with 98% of people covered. I don't want to live in a country where 22% of the kids who are American kids in Texas 


Jindal responded in part " I do want to say in Louisiana 96.5% of our kids do have coverage. I think if you leave it to states -- nobody is saying leave these kids uncovered. We're saying a new government entitlement program is not the way to get this done.

According to the AP story, "The cuts to the budget that began Sunday came as a surprise to the Jindal administration and lawmakers, cropping up last week when Congress slashed Medicaid funding to the state in the just-passed federal transportation bill.

On the chopping block are charity hospitals, hospice care and Medicaid providers.

Gov. Bobby Jindal's administration outlined expected cuts that will eliminate programs that care for women with breast and cervical cancer, provide hospice care and offer adult dentures to the poor and uninsured. Funding to the LSU public hospitals and rural hospitals will be slashed, threatening some of the facilities with closure."

In a press release Friday, Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu said in touting the Senate committee success approval of the Restore Act in the transportation bill also included this statement in that release:

Unfortunately, to help pay for the bill, the conferees decided to cut $651 million in Louisiana’s Medicaid funds. 

“It is my understating that the House Republicans proposed these cuts to help pay for the bill. The Senate rejected these cuts at least twice. Despite these objections the House leadership insisted on their inclusion. Why the Republican leadership proposed these cuts, I do not know. But it will create great hardship for our Governor and Legislature in their budget,” Sen. Landrieu said. “While this is very unfortunate, it should not diminish the great victory of RESTORE and the billions of dollars it will bring to the Gulf Coast to jumpstart real and lasting restoration.”

According to sources, the subject Medicaid funds were the very funds that opponents of the recently Supreme Court sanctioned Affordable Care Act blasted Landrieu for adding to the healtcare legislation.  Jindal's administration had requested the funds prior to Landrieu's adding them to the legislation Jindal has castigated as "Obamacare". 

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