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Weiner, Cain And More: Which Political Party Has More Family Values?
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voteThe Herman Cain and other recent incidents have turned on its head, the way this nation views matters of politics and sex..

While the allegations against Republican Cain and even Democratic party congressman Anthony Weiner are still “hot”, many on the political right and left are throwing blame across the respective aisles claiming one party has less family values than the other.

There have been scandals galore since the days that Democrat Gary Hart’s campaign plummeted after first denying and then getting caught engaging in monkey business.

 Of course, since the birth of the nation, there have been all types of stories about other Republican and Democratic Presidents and high-ranking politicians but due to the proliferation of media and the Internet, information about these more recent sexual escapades go viral immediately.  They remain in collective minds until the next disruption.

The Bill Clinton affairs led to the exposure of the sexual histories of quite a number of his Republican distractors including that of current Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich.

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Some argue that this country no longer has any family values while others believe it’s only the other guys who don’t.

So, given the recent scandals that have invaded American consciousness over the past decades, which political party would you say is the “Party of Family Values”

Take the poll below and pass it to  your "family" and friends.

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