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California Transgender-student bathroom, sports law is liberal moonbeam insane
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school-gayIt is now open season on vulnerable children in the radically progressive state of California. Their Governor “Moonbeam” Jerry Brown has signed into law a bill that allows students the right to use the bathroom, locker room and shower of their choice. It will also open up sports teams and clubs to participants of either sex.


This makes California the first state to offer such protection for “transgendered” students. The effect of the new law will be to allow a boy, who believes he is a girl, to use the girls’ bathroom and vice versa.

It mandates this access for transgender students in K-12 public schools, but it will impact all of the 6.2 million students who attend public elementary and high schools in California.

The law allows this access based on each student’s “self-perception and regardless of their birth gender.” In other words, California politicians have rendered human anatomy irrelevant; everything is now based on a person’s psychological orientation.

Supposedly, this new law will strike a blow against bullying directed at transgendered students. It was backed by groups such as the Transgender Law Center and the Gay-Straight Alliance Network. However, it disregards a much larger group of boys and girls who are not represented by special interest groups. These “normal” children will be discriminated against because of this new law. Privacy will be threatened to say the least. This will cause potential anxiety and embarrassment for impressionable young people who are not accustomed to sharing bathrooms with children of the opposite sex.

Some young people might try to scam a new gender identity to satisfy sexual urges.  While purportedly being a way to help students, the new law could lead to more cases of sexual harassment and sexual assault.

It is time that the politically correct liberal politicians stopped experimenting on innocent children. It is hard enough living in today’s world. Families are disintegrating, our culture is a wasteland, churches are in crisis and now traditional gender roles are being attacked.

First it was traditional marriage, now it is traditional gender roles that are being challenged. Of course, it is the crazy state of liberal California that is experimenting with these gender roles.

Youngsters were born with a gender and should be encouraged to accept how God made them, regardless of the identity crisis that they feel. With education, prayer and therapy, young people that are confused can learn to accept their God-given gender.

It is only in a disturbed state like California that gender confusion is perpetuated and schools now have to acquiesce to young people who want to switch genders. 

According to Randy Thomasson of SaveCalifornia.com, the new law is “insanity” that will “damage” kids by warping “gender expectations of children.”

It is no wonder why so many people are fleeing California on a daily basis. It is not only the poor economy, but it is also the poor social policies that are forcing people to leave California.

This legislation is supposedly based on fairness, but, in effect, it is discriminating against millions of youngsters who should be protected, not misused as pawns in a statewide social science experiment.  

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