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Will CNN Fox Up after Piers Morgan debacle?
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piersGoodbye Piers, you condescending British jerk! After three insufferable years, the anti-gun crusader has finally been forced out as the host of the coveted 8 p.m. (CST) weekday slot on CNN.


In his brief stint hosting a show during the network's most important prime time hour, Morgan accomplished the impossible. He actually made viewers miss Larry King. At least Larry King was a benevolent liberal. He was usually courteous and allowed his guests the opportunity to speak. In contrast, Morgan shouted over his guests and berated them. In fact, he crudely insulted some guests, like Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America and other Second Amendment advocates, by calling them "idiots" or other offensive terms.

He made it clear that the show was not about the guests or the issues, it was about Piers Morgan. Since viewers did not like the arrogant host, it is no surprise that his audience evaporated. Viewers tired of Morgan not only lecturing Americans about their embrace of guns, but their culture in general. He conveyed an obnoxious air of superiority that did not resonate with viewers.

On a recent evening, Morgan drew approximately 15% of the Megyn Kelly's audience on Fox News. He also attracted less than half of the viewership who watched the hard core liberal Rachel Maddow on MSNBC.

Morgan's demise should be a major wake-up call for CNN Worldwide President Jeff Zucker. It is another disaster for CNN, another failure in the weak prime-time line up. Of course, CNN is not the only network news organization to endure recent failures. MSNBC has had to fire a string of hosts who embarrassed the network with hateful rhetoric.

Along with a string of miscues, CNN and MSNBC also share a very liberal philosophy that is hard wired into their programming. Until this changes, neither network will seriously compete with ratings leader Fox News.

Simply, Americans are tired of the liberal media and moving away from these news sources in droves. As evidence, we only need to examine the evening newscasts on broadcast television. All of these programs are hosted by liberals and all of them have a liberal slant. Not surprisingly, the evening newscasts are losing viewers each year.

Fox News is succeeding not due to conservative programming, but due to a commitment to philosophical balance. The other cable news networks are all liberal, all the time, providing no real balance.

If CNN was truly interested in expanding viewership, they would hire a real conservative to replace Morgan at the 8 p.m. CST slot. This may allow the network to attract some of the viewers who are loyal to Fox News. Otherwise, it is a lost cause.

Currently, CNN promotes climate change, big government, and political correctness and is clearly hostile to Americans with traditional values. Post Piers Morgan, Americans should not expect much change from CNN because the network is too aligned with liberalism. Sadly, the network would rather fail in the ratings than provide a platform for conservatives.

It is clear that Americans have already registered their negative opinion of CNN and it is not likely to change in the near future.

Jeff Crouere

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